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Troyer Vent Plug
Troyer Vent Plug

Troyer Gourd Vent Plugs

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So you drilled the ¼ hole into your Troyer Vent canopies and now your wondering how you will seal the vent during the cooler spring.  Here is the answer.  Troyer Vent Plugs!  

Insert the T-end of the plug into your 1/4" drilled vent hole.

Push the plug into the hole to seal, and pull the plug down to vent.  The never lose T-end will keep the vent plug in place.

Vent Plugs are uv-inhibited.  For vents that have been drilled to a 1/4".  

Use 4 per Troyer Vertical Gourd
Use 2 per Troyer Horizontal Gourd

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