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Wire Sparrow Trap
Wire Sparrow Trap

Wire Sparrow Trap

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Wire Sparrow Trap (ST-1)

  • Rid your area of House Sparrows with this two trapping chamber bait trap. 
  • Place bread, millet or fill with nesting material in the chamber. 
  • Works well on the ground away from bird feeders, or near bushes. 
  • Does not harm the bird. 
  • Comes fully assembled with a quick-release pole mounting brackets and two bait dishes. 
  • Overall dimensions 18" L x 10-¼" W x 6-¼" H.  
  • A mix of cracked corn and white millet is a tasty meal for House Sparrows.

I have had one of these traps for 15+ years and I use it every year to rid my yard of house sparrows ~ Diane

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