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Troyer Quality Cap with Vent
Troyer Quality Cap with Vent

Troyer's Vented Caps

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Troyer's Vented Caps

Experience has shown us that ALL plastic gourds need vents when young are inside the gourd.  Please keep in mind most places in the U.S. when martins return in early Spring it can get very cold.  Please keep the vented cap off your gourd and just use the original heavy duty quality cap that came with your gourd.  When you find young in the gourd switch to this new assembled handy to have vented cap.

  • Heavy-duty Polyethylene
  • Maximum UV treatment
  • Bumps give you a good grip
  • ¾" 90º PVC elbow rotates so that the opening can always face the ground
  • Cap liners not needed
  • Caps fit all Troyer Gourds as well as SuperGourds and Excluder Gourds
  • Fully Assembled ready to screw on

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