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Hybrid Multi-House Pole
Hybrid Multi-House Pole

Troyer's Hybrid Multi-House Purple Martin Pole

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Hybrid Multi-House Pole (Without Houses and Gourds)  (#HDMPH)

Hybrid Multi-House Pole.  It is half Super System and half Multi-House Pole.

FeaturesIt features a brake winch for easy raising and lowering;  34-feet of 3/16" stainless cable; twelve horizontal Gourd Mounting Arms.   The all-aluminum hub has nylon glide tabs for squeak-free operation. A 3-inch-square aluminum pole assembly with  ball top and ONE 72-inch long solid aluminum 3/8" top perch rod.  Four, 1-1/2” x 48-inch long aluminum angle arms with gourd-hanging holes 16” on center, 3 sets per arm.  Two aluminum angle house arms 37.5" overall, will hold most aluminum houses.  Aluminum house support brackets also included.

Materials: Aluminum pole, aluminum heavy-duty ground stake, aluminum hub, aluminum angle arms.  Twelve solid aluminum 3/8" Gourd Mounting Arms are also included.

Dimensions: Three-inch square high-tensile strength two-piece aluminum pole and stands 16-feet above the ground when installed.  Square poles are superior in strength to round martin poles.

Gourd Mounting Arms: Twelve 3/8" solid arms.  There are four each of the Horizontal 90, Straight and 45.  Gourd Mounting Arms can be attached using a stainless bolt and nut included.  Slip your gourd onto the GMA and insert your supplied stainless hitch pin.  The pin will keep your gourd from falling off.  

Gourd Accommodation: Any plastic or natural gourd can be fitted to these gourd mounting arms.  Horizontal GMA's: If your gourds are not already drilled front to back in the upper neck, use a 13/32" drill bit to enlarge the hanging holes.  Gourds sold separately.

Brake winch system: includes a D&L 350-pound brake winch which is attached to the pole using the supplied winch mounting brackets. Also included is the cable guide which keeps the cable tight to the pole.

Extras:  The Hybrid is the only multi-house pole that includes the GMA45, which are used in the center of the aluminum angle arm.  This GMA will place your gourds entrance at a 45-degree angle.  Aids in male martin dominance.

Climbing Predator Protection:  An optional pole guard (EZ3) that fits a square pole is available. 


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