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Super System 24 Kit
Super System 24 Kit

Super System 24 Kit

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Gourd rack kits are ideal for landlords that have an existing set up on a pole such as a T-14 house (3-inch square pole) or a Multi-house pole (2-inch square pole) and want to remove the housing and replace it with a gourd rack. 

The Super System Kit is for use on a 3-inch square OD pole.

The Super System 24 Gourd Rack Kit includes the hub, eight 1-1/2-inch x 50-inch angle arms, bolts and nuts to secure the arms to the hub.  Also included are 24 GMA's 8 horizontal 90, 8 horizontal straight, and 8 horizontal 45.

The landlord is supplying his own pole, ground stake, cable, winch etc.

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