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Super-Deluxe 12 H Kit parts
Super-Deluxe 12 H Kit parts

Super-Deluxe 12 Kit

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Gourd rack kits are ideal for landlords that have an existing set up on a pole such as a T-14 house (3-inch square pole) or a Multi-house pole (2-inch square pole) and want to remove the housing and replace it with a gourd rack. 

The Super-Deluxe 12 tis for use on a 2-inch square OD pole.

The Super-Deluxe 12 Kit includes the assembled 12 unit hub,  12 stainless steel gourd arms and the hitch pins to secure the gourds onto the arms

The landlord is supplying his own pole, ground stake, rope with pulleys, rope winder, etc.

Any questions drop us an email

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