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Songbird Magnet
Songbird Magnet

Songbird Magnet

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Songbird magnet (#SBM)

Entice purple martins or songbirds to feed and roost in your yard with the Songbird Magnet Electronic Bird Caller. This weather-proof device features real recordings of the purple martin dawn song, as well as the songs of Eastern bluebirds, Baltimore orioles, house wrens, house finches, American goldfinches, and indigo buntings.  These songs are set to play at naturally occurring intervals and sound levels, with a digital output that ensures clarity.  The Songbird Magnet can be set to only play the purple martin song, or play the other variety of songbirds.  Flip one of the control switches to allow the recordings to play constantly, or set it to the photo cell reading.  A light sensor inside the item automatically activates the purple martin song for 2 hours at dawn if the magnet is set to the purple martin call.  The volume ranges from low to high and is fully adjustable. Use the included AC adapter to power the unit, and mount it on an outdoor wall with the speaker facing outward.  The sturdy plastic housing is designed to be weatherproof  (except in extreme conditions). Be sure to protect the plug and adapter from moisture.  Bring beautiful birds into your yard with the Songbird Magnet.  Six month warranty. 

All warranty replacements need to be handled thru Bird-X, call 800-662-5021

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