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Ground Sleeve for 2-inch square pole gourd racks
Ground Sleeve for 2-inch square pole gourd racks

Ground Sleeves for Purple Martin Gourd Racks

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Ground Sleeve for 2" and 3" Purple Martin Gourd Racks (GS)

Sleeves are made from 2" or 3" square tubing.  Your aluminum ground stake (for a 2" or 3" pole) slips inside the sleeve.  
Sleeves are only for CUE/Troyer gourd racks and will not work for any projects.  


The Ground Sleeve is an OPTIONAL accessory that is used in conjunction with your aluminum ground stake (that was included with your gourd rack purchase).  When installed the sleeve is flush with the ground.  You insert your aluminum ground stake inside the installed sleeve.  The inserted ground stake will be 24-inches above ground, and you will slip your pole over that.  Ground Sleeves include 2 plastic caps and a stop pin that will keep your ground stake at the proper above ground height.  

Ground Sleeves need to be installed before a gourd rack is in place.  If you are moving your pole and you have cemented a ground stake into the ground, you will need to purchase both a ground stake and a ground sleeve. 

Sleeves are 30-inches long and made from aluminum.  Includes a pin and two plastic caps.  Instructions included.

The Ground Sleeve 2-inch is compatible with DGR6, DGR12/18, SDGR12/18, and AAA16.

The Ground Sleeve 3-inch is compatible with the K-Series 18/24, Super System 24 and Gemini.

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