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Replacement Glide Buttons Sold in 8, 12 or 24 Packs
Replacement Glide Buttons Sold in 8, 12 or 24 Packs

Glide Buttons

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Replacement Glide Buttons (#GB)

Replacement part for all CUE/ Troyer Gourd Rack hubs.

The first major improvement done by the Troyer's when they purchased the gourd rack business from Creative Universe in 2014 was to have a mold made for their own glide buttons.  These buttons will not deteriorate.

If you have a gourd rack made prior to 2014 your buttons may crumble apart and fall out.  Unbeknownst to us in 2010 or 2011, the glide button supplier switched manufactures.  The new manufacturers glide buttons did not have a UV-inhibitor in it (though it was advertised that it did).  As the problem didn't rear itself till a few years later, we had no idea that a problem existed.  If the glide button(s) fail your gourd rack will not go up and down the pole smoothly.  

This custom made UV-inhibited glide buttons will not deteriorate like the CUE version has shown to do.  If your glide buttons have deteriorated here is your opportunity to replace them with this economical buttons.

Please note:

This should be done prior to the season starting or after your martins leave.  You will need to remove the hub from the pole.  To install the glide buttons, insert the glide button from inside the hubs designated glide button-holes. 

For Gourd Rack like the Super System, AAA, Gemini, 8 Unit, all that have a square tubing type hub, remove the hub from the pole, remove all the glide buttons by using a set punch.  Insert the glide buttons from inside the tubing out so that the button part is on the inside of the tube (hub).  Carefully place the hub back onto the pole making sure your glide buttons stay in place.  Once the hub has been placed back on the pole, the glide buttons will stay in place. 

For Gourd Racks such as the Deluxe and K-Series.  You still need to remove the hub from the pole.  Once off the pole, mark your hub brackets so that you will know where they were and what 1/2 goes with it mate.  Remove the stainless bolts holding the bracket pieces to the angle.  Once all the bracket parts are off, remove all the glide buttons.  Insert the new glide buttons.  Using the edge of a work table or a vise lay the hub button side down on to the table or vise with the button stem sticking up.  Using a nail setter place the setter in the center of the stem and with a hammer, tap the nail setter.  You are trying to flair, or mushroom the stem just a bit.  Don't pound on button stem, you could destroy it.  Replace all the hub bracket in the same way you took it apart and it is ready to be reassembled.

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