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Pole Guard Round
Pole Guard Round

Adjustable Round Pole Guard for Purple Martin Racks

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Adjustable Pole Guard (Climbing Animal Barrier) for Round Poles (PGR):

No need to remove the pole, installs at any time with ease.

Will fit all Trio, Duracraft, and Heath brand Purple Martin house poles that are round, as well as out 4-Unit Rack.

Hanging top plate adjusts to fit any round pole with an outer diameter of 3/4" up to 2-3/8".

This aluminum pole guard is 24" long with a 7-1/2" diameter tube.  The top plate features "snake sniffer" holes.  Snakes climb poles entering inside the tube and become confused as they can't get thru the holes. 

Will prevent snakes, raccoons, cats, squirrels, and opossums from climbing your poles and predating your martins when mounted at the proper height.

Does not require removal prior to conducting a nest check because it is mounted below the lanyard cleat.

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